From the very beginning, the Fellowship committed to setting aside 10% of its Sunday morning offering for the annual support of area needy. We also support other service projects separately.  Our first goal was to establish a permanent church base in our community and to promote cooperation with other area churches. Having accomplished those goals, we have identified specific needs in our four-county area and have taken action to effect permanent change for the better.

            Early on the membership decided to identify breaking the chain of generational poverty as a specific goal.  Our research found that high quality early preschool for disadvantaged children can be very effective.  Our Kids First program has initiated pre-K for 3-year-olds in two of our four county public school systems through raising $450,000 in seed money through our strong community support.  We have two more counties to go.  A nutritious snack each week and a book-per-child-per-month are add-ons.  Between 2012 and 2021, over 180 at-risk children have benefited. School test data is documenting the typical academic and socialization gap has been closed breaking the cycle.  It works!

            Our Vision and Planning goals for 2018-2028 include making a measurable change in reducing racism.