Charitable Giving

Your donations to our Fellowship provide tremendous support. As with each of us in our personal lives, UUFR sees the effects of changes in the economy on our operating budget. The operating budget is what allows us to keep the lights on and offer our Sunday morning services. It also includes support for our minister, maintenance of our building and grounds, and a variety of programming activities that include Religious Education, Communications, and more.


Ten percent (10%) of what we receive goes to helping non-profit organizations in our community, ones that assist residents with food, health care, shelter, and other critical items. We do receive some funding by renting out our facilities. We hope that this also benefits those needing space to work and hold meetings.

Early on the membership decided to identify breaking the chain of generational poverty as a specific goal.  Our research found that high-quality early preschool for disadvantaged children can be very effective.  Our Kids First program has initiated pre-K for 3-year-olds in two of our four-county public school systems by raising $450,000 in seed money through our strong community support.  We have two more counties to go.  A nutritious snack each week and a book-per-child-per-month are add-ons.  Between 2012 and 2021, over 180 at-risk children have benefited. School test data has documented that the typical academic and socialization gap has been closed breaking the cycle.  It works!


Please give generously to support UUFR and our community.


We Thank You!

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